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Inter Alb Distribution has a long experience in international trade. We used to trade tobacco, minerals (chrome ore), energy, pharmaceutical products and PPE

Our Global Network

We are present via our clients from South Korea and China,  to Tunis, Mali, Congo, Alger, to Italy, USA, Norway, Mexico, etc.  


Your Resource for Expansion

Please do not hesitate to  contact us. You will see we will establish in a very short time a long and sustainable business project. 

Real estate investments

Through CMAA shpk company IAD is one of the most reliable companies in Albania for real estate needs from document preparing to land development. Approximately every project lasts eight years. Our clients are happy!


Education is one of the main tools for archiving success. IAD continuously invests in youth's education abroad. 

Real testimonials


One of the most important testimonials is the Albanian International School. Curricula and teachers importing from USA and Europe. Tirana youth has a real testimonial of the Western Education; Have a look there!

Inter  Alb Distribution is partner with Honeywell! 

We have sold what the market needed. Today you can contact for Respirators, and everything from Honeywell™ or from any NIOSH approved to TuV SuD or BSI CE certificated products coming from Asia. Production or stock deals! Call us as we always have a solution. No matter how huge you might think the deal is, we can help! 

Stay connected

Inter Alb Distribution has a special attention to the sustainable development. We are proud to have realized more than 70% of the 2000 years old road of the  Adriatik-Alpe corridor. In the next two years it will be open to the public with no fees and not charging public funds.  


Sustainable Investments 

Inter Alb Distribution is running two hydro power plants.  Investing in these very far areas has given the local community to start businesses like tourism guest houses, water factory, and medicinal collection.  Every year Inter Alb Distribution plants some 10k new trees. New network roads equals to long lasting investments. 


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